• Shisha Delivery

    Free same day delivery of a clay head or fresh head Shisha within a 5 mile radius of Reflexion Lounge.

    Disposable pipe and 6 coal pieces provided. Additional heads and electric coal burners also available for hire. Order by 6pm for delivery between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, free collection the following day between the same time or the shisha(s) can be returned to Reflexion Lounge.

Clay Head Shisha Hire

Choose from over 40 flavours, free delivery within 5 miles. Order by 6pm for same day delivery between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, free next day collection between the same time.

Fresh Head Shisha hire

Pineapple head with a choice from over 40 flavours, free delivery within 5 miles order by 6pm for same day delivery between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, free next day collection between the same time.

VIP Access


Perfect Location

Dear Reflexioner! Welcome to our Homepage. If you have never been to our Lounge then i think it only is courtesy to give you a brief description on how “RL” came to fruition!

We always believed that the most prestigious Bars and Restaurants in the World got their titles due to the service they provided and the location they resided in. Your class of clientele would really depend on where you are situated. We believed if you want to be “Stand Out” you have to be “Stand Alone”. We visited “Water Pipe” Lounges all across Europe from London to Copenhagen to Hamburg to see the trend in the type of experience as a “Consumer” one could possibly get. We never got an experience where we were made to feel like someone who was part of the “family”, warmly greeted with respect,  sadly it was more of a mechanical feel generally across most Lounges we visited.

Here at RL, we wanted to give you what we wished for ourselves. Somewhere classy, chic and different. Somewhere where the view blows you away, the personal touch makes you feel you like part of the “RL” family and the interior and design is glamorous and sophisticated. We wanted you to walk through our doors and feel as if you are no longer in Salford but half way across the World in another time zone!

Reflexion Lounge established it’s Flagship site right on the water of Erie Basin in Salford Quays in November 2014. We have had people fly from as far as Qatar and Kuwait to see the place and the interest it had generated was literally worldwide. We have regular footballers and celebrities who come and enjoy the vibes, most who wish to remain anonymous and we respect their wishes. We had people from Australia posting “RL” photos on their Instagram Page! Now that is really right across the world.  We have a nationwide following from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dundee in Scotland, Cardiff in Wales & London. Not to forget our North West Customers especially our beloved Mancunians!

We want you to explore our site and make your own decision if we are worth visiting. To our Reflexioners who are reading this, thank you! Without you, how else could we have that unique atmosphere. We are not loud on music, we are loud on chatter! After all isn’t that what shisha smoking and mint tea with friends was all about?

We look forward to seeing you in the near future. Are you ready to become part of the RL Family?

Here is a brief description on what you can find in our Lounge. At RL we believe in our brand and and you will see our logo on pretty much everything from furniture to tissues to glasses and everything!:

  • Emblazoned in Black, Burgundy & Gold
  • Custom “RL” Branded Seating
  • Private VIP Area
  • 7ft 330 Gallon Saltwater Marine Tank
  • 2 7ft Colour Changing Waterfalls “RL Branded”
  • Waiter Bell System- Push your button for assistance
  • Waterside Seating for a gorgeous daytime view if you please
  • Gourmet Desserts & Pancakes
  • A Vibrant and Fresh Food Menu courtesy of Pancake&Co.
  • The Only Official Non Alcoholic Meduse Shisha Lounge in Europe

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