Cloud Program

Dear Reflexioner! Thank you for your interest in our Gold Pathway VIP Card. There are only a certain number available as we want to keep it exclusive and those that decide to purchase after reading this disclaimer can look forward to luxuries not open to all!

Benefits include:

  • Complementary Arabic Coffee & Dates On Arrival
  • Hot Towels Provided if needed
  • Can Accommodate 3 Guests at a time
  • Free VIP Every Fourth Time
  • Mic Announcement Acknowledging presence and thanking you for your company (Can be rejected at request)
  • Our Meduse Shisha Experience is usually £100 for 1 Smoking Cocktail. Royalty Members are provided these for £65. Unlimited Helwa Glass Shisha Range Costs £40. Royalty Members are provided these for £25
  • Members can bring their own food. No other person will be authorised to do this since food is served in house by Pancake & Co.
  • Fast Track Pass on the Weekend. Queue Jump to the first table available
  • Card Holders can reserve a table on the weekend and this will be held for them.

Clarifications & Terms and Conditions

  • Photo identification of the person holding the card is needed during purchase.
  • Card holder will have to be present for Card to be valid for benefits
  • Each Card holder can bring 3 Guests along to enjoy the benefits. Exception includes if the Card holder is throwing a party or entertaining clients and has booked VIP. They will receive discounts on the Helwas & Meduse. No other benefit will be provided if there are more than 3 people regardless.
  • “Double Card” Holders there is no Limit on Guests.
  • If in any case Management deem that the Card is being used by someone else and the Card holder is not present. This will mean confiscation of the card, pending a review. Management have the right to withdraw with no refund being given.

Management Statement
All Card holders will be given these benefits to the point as long as they are humanly possible. Any other requests we will try to accommodate. If we fail to deliver something, we will try deliver something else in return which will at least match what we could not provide in the first place. We will do our utmost so you have a splendid time every time you walk through our doors. Your concerns will be listened to and your counsel valued.  However it is important you understand that the Reflexion Management Team will have all overriding power in all aspects and benefits of the Card. This does not mean you will be short changed in anything for no reason!


Please submit your application of interest to us via email and we will endeavor to get back to you in due course.

Fill out our form below and let us know how we can help. We will be in touch as soon as possible